Custom Decks

Sunset Decks builds custom outdoor living spaces to meet your family’s needs. Just check out the possible deck styles:

  • Platform decks are perfect for flat, level yards and don’t need handrails or stairs because they’re so close to the ground. Their open-platform design can easily accommodate built-in benches and planters.
  • Wraparound decks extend around your house, hugging at least two sides while creating a larger outdoor living space.
  • Loft decks are elevated and are ideal for extending the living space of an upstairs bedroom to the great outdoors. Without an exterior stairwell, they offer privacy and a new favorite place to curl up with a good book.
  • Bi-level and multi-level decks give an artisanal look to your outdoor living space, breaking up the deck with a single step or multiple steps, which can act as additional seating. Each level of the deck fits together to form a single deck.
  • Two-story decks join separate decks with a single stairway.

Gallery of Sunset Decks


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